tatj*** 30 EUR
Roman Legion
stan*** 28 EUR
Scratch Match
marc*** 162 EUR
Extra Chilli
holg*** 44 EUR
Tome of Madness
jjuh*** 35 EUR
Golden Fishtank
daki*** 21 EUR
dndu*** 31 CAD
Wild Cauldron
jeyw*** 30 EUR
Super Duper Cherry
Zage*** 24 EUR
Golden Fishtank
mans*** 30 EUR
GAM Royal Seven XXL
lean*** 150 EUR
daki*** 63 EUR
hans*** 46 EUR
Seven Seven
alek*** 100 PLN
Fishin Frenzy Power 4 Slots
ehc.*** 31 EUR
Ice Valley
marc*** 20 EUR
Extra Chilli
weip*** 61 EUR
Legacy of Dead
stan*** 105 EUR
Scratch Match
logu*** 1,018 RUB
Reactoonz 2
kosi*** 2,640 RUB
Valley Of The Gods
tatj*** 23 EUR
Roman Legion
eqpi*** 84 PLN
janu*** 26 EUR
Grockel's Cauldron
Zage*** 64 EUR
Golden Fishtank
mr.v*** 1,920 RUB
Win Blaster
Mari*** 150 EUR
Win Shooter
nick*** 73 EUR
burd*** 76 USD
dmit*** 2,120 RUB
Raigeki Rising X30
goth*** 31 EUR
Vegas Night Life
Available Bonuses
Ends in:
days   h : m : s
Prize pool:
€ 10000
About game

Baccarat Gold Play Online

The game Baccarat Gold is without question one of the best variants of the original title of baccarat, with its new and improved focuses like nine hands and eight decks of cards. To keep up with the day and age of today, attractions in a game are forever evolving. Microgaming provider has done a brilliant job when it comes to the high-tech and classy graphics of the revamped version of this age-old game. The latest look and the overall decorum of the game have immensely improved from what it was.

Microgaming, a very praised and popular online casino software developer, has been making excellent content since its birth in 1994. This game by the online gambling giants is a diamond in the ruff. Along with having exceptional graphics and sound effects, it also offers numerous amount of betting options that would ensure that not only veterans but novices can also be comfortable playing this title. You won’t even have to scour the internet to play it; you can easily play this online casino game at sites like VulkanVegas.

Playing Experience and Features

The primary focus of Baccarat Gold is to wager on one of three events, including the Player hand, Banker’s hand, or the Tie. The initial process is to choose a chip denomination fitted best to your betting style, within the range from a minimum of 5 credits and increasing to a maximum of 500 credits, which is what makes it absolutely perfect for both categories of players namely the high rollers and the newcomers. Once your chip size is confirmed, you need to guess successfully which hand will have the larger hand value, or it will end being a tie.

Some notable features include:

  • In-game features for a better prediction;
  • Road map and history from the previous rounds played;
  • Good for both beginners and pros;
  • Excellent graphics and sounds.

The Key Payouts and Odds

In this game, the player hand will pay an even prize of 1:1, while the Banker's hand pays 0.95:1 as there’s a charge of 5%. The highest payout possible is the Tie option. The Tie pays an exciting 8:1, although the chances of a tie and extremely slim to count on.

The hand which will have the value closest to 9 will win the round. All of the cards have their own number value, except the picture cards and the 10s that count zero towards a hand. The game, Baccarat Gold also has a very exciting range of extra side bets to increase your chances further and help you win real money. Side bet will pay an astounding 11 to 1, which makes playing and taking your risks worth it. The house edge depends on the result of the game.

Concluding Thoughts

The Baccarat Gold, which is a variant of the classic Baccarat table game, gives you a chance to witness a fantastic realistic atmosphere because of its supreme sound effects and graphics. The additional gaming features make it even more immersive and capturing; all the while having paid attention to keep the betting options open for players of all stages. You can play free Baccarat Gold online at the casino site and enjoy it to win some real cash.

Baccarat Gold
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