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Rise Of The Robots

Prize pool:
€ 4000
04.02. 12:30 - 11.02 02:00
Tournament games 11
Paid places 20
Have you seen those crazy tricks that robots of Boston Dynamics do? If no, watch the viral videos where machines do backflips and dance. That’s absolutely insane! It pretty much looks like robots are about to take over humanity in some decades.
Whereas machines of Vulkan Vegas are harmless yet bring entertainment and winnings! Join Rise of the robots tournament. It includes slots from the most advanced providers: Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, etc. The prize fund is worth fighting for!

To take part in the tournament, click on the button "Participate".
The next step is qualification (if mentioned in the tournament widget). Choose any tournament game and play the stated amount of rounds in real money game mode. The counter in the widget will tell you how many qualification rounds you have left.
After qualification is passed, each of your $1 win in the tournament game will bring you a 60 points score. The more wins you get, the higher is your place in the tournament table.
Good luck!
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Tournament games 11